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Ioan Gruffudd definitely lived up to his character's name in his portrayal of Mr. Needless to say I also had my doubts about Chris Evans as Johnny Storm even though I enjoyed his performance in the movie Cellular.I must admit he surprised me with how well a job he did in F4.Especially Ben Grimm played brilliantly by Michael Chiklis of FX's "The Shield" fame.I had my doubts at first but after seeing the movie I really can't think of anyone else that would have played The Thing better.There were other points in which the writing simply seemed catatonically childish and merely moronic.I am aware that it was not intended as any kind of psychological or philosophical discussion or insight, but there should be a way to please children and adults in a movie of such global importance (Sarcasm).One aspect I must point out here is the actors had an excellent grasp of their characters.

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A huge collection of indian adult video clips and webcams online.Each hero's superpower, except that of The Thing/Ben Grimm's, which was more of a rubber suit, need computer graphics to be created. Fantastic/Reed Richards, the flames of the Human Torch/Johnny Storm, and the invisible outline and verging on psychic powers of the Invisible Girl/Susan Storm.Another character in which it was utilized was Victor Von Doom/(The creative) Dr. All of the images created seemed cartoony, but thats okay since it's based on a comic book anyway. I'm really looking forward to that but sometimes people make movies and they're awesom, but then they make a second part and it sucks ass, they just ruin it!No offense to those who liked it but some of the actors were terrible.They weren't really about saving the world like most other superheroes.

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