Error validating the formula

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The fields from which the results of these formulas are based must already be added into the design of the form as well as the field that will contain the result of the formula.

The formula must be built inside the field that will contain the result.

Then, click on one of the examples in the list to insert it and then it can be customized to fit your needs.

A window opens with the examples of regular expressions that can be used in this property.

Select the type of transformation inside the properties of the control. Take into account that leaving it as "none", the text will not have any transformation and will be saved just like the final user entered it.

Changes will be shown when the form is rendered inside the preview or when running a case. This property defines the maximum number of characters which can be input into a text control field.

This property allows a regular expression to be entered which checks whether the user entered valid input into the textbox.

If the input matches the regular expression, then the user will be allowed to leave the field, but if the input doesn't match, the field message will be outlined in red and the text in the Validation Error Message property will be displayed.

To see the list of examples, click on the Help button.

The user will not be allowed to leave the field until its input is changed to match the regular expression.

This is a brief introduction to regular expressions which can be used in the validate property to check whether the user has entered valid input into a textbox.

Matching strings of characters To match any string of characters, use them in the regular expression. Get more information This is just a brief introduction to regular expressions and there are more special characters which can be used.

To learn more, see the documentation on Java Script's Reg Exp and read this tutorial on regular expressions.

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