Eft dating

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We help you make sense of your powerful emotions and your relationship needs and talk about these things in a safe way. In the last 15 years, we really have discovered the rhymes and reasons of romantic love. Love relationships do not have to be hit and miss or a matter of luck anymore.

We all need a loving connection and more and more of us are learning how to make that happen.

These couple did indeed argue and disagree however the biggest difference was that when they disagreed they worked through it- they didn’t run away, they didn’t leave the room, they didn’t attack or lash out against the other person.

It turns out that working through a problem is the juice that’s needed for further intimacy and connection.

EFT started in the 1980s and developed alongside the new science of love and bonding.

The EFT therapist uses this science as a guide in every session so he or she knows how to get to the heart of the problem fast.

Last week I was driving back from a client’s home on the main drag of the island where we live.

As I passed the hardware store I noticed that the car that had not come to a complete stop in front of me was none other than my husband’s.

I read a study a while back (I’ll cite it properly once I find it again) that surveyed three different types of 30 year marriages : one in which the partners had been friends first, another where the partners had dated a long time before they committed, and a group of people who had immediately fallen in love.Craig eventually turned into our town and went a different direction to get home.At this point I stopped following him and went home.What happens in a love relationship is not an accident or the other person’s fault.Your ability to take full responsibility will facilitate your partner being able to do the same.

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