Benefits of consolidating police departments

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From their viewpoint there is no reason to consolidate their department into a regional force.

Consolidation would bring uncertainty to the status of their employment and the nature of their jobs.

Our crime rates, although recently lower, are still embarrassingly high and will most likely rise again in the near future.

Granted they may have to ask a larger agency for help on some cases, but overall, the work they do is quite acceptable in the judgement of the public they serve. Given the above arguments, one could reasonably ask, "Why talk about regionalization--or consolidation--since the system we presently have seems to be working fairly well?In some of our more affluent suburban counties, particularly east of the Mississippi River, there are an inordinate number of police agencies.In these areas where a regional force makes the most economic sense, the intense political climate of small towns and the insular pride of the residents does not allow for a serious discussion of the issue.Outside the areas of urban sprawl in America, many people like as little government intrusion in their lives as possible.Giving up local control of a small police department would be tantamount to surrendering part of their independence, and identity, to a distant governing body oblivious to their needs and demands.

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