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All my doubts vanished instantly, my confidence skyrocketed and I wanted more.Over the next few weeks Sky ended up teaching me so many unbelievable things about women, relationships, dating and even sex.I joined a program for more basic issues, I had become like an introvert. They have something for everyone, whatever your problem is I would definitely try out Charm Formula.I spent a few days hanging out with Sky while in SE Asia.Not only is it genuine, but what I do there is 100% learnable by YOU in just a I grew up in a small town in South India and my whole life I was called ugly and bullied for being fat.And the one and only time I really liked a girl, I decided to tell her at lunch time. Not only did she reject me coldly, but everyone in the whole school found out and teased me about non-stop. I felt like a worthless cockroach and on that day I made the decision to never feel that way again, no matter what!

And when I was forced to work with a girl in my class on a project, I could barely keep myself together.He gave me a lot of good and practical tips and exercises to help get over those social barriers we put up.Sky is a good guy who knows what he’s talking about.I will be sure to look him up again next time I’m in Bangkok!Then I started trying out Charm Formula's exercises which were pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

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